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Wall Mounted Plastic Wrap Bag Holder

Wall Mounted Plastic Wrap Bag Holder

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Keep your kitchen organized and maximize storage space with our wall-mounted Plastic Wrap Bag Holder. This product is made from quality plastic material for enhanced durability and long-term use, having a large capacity for storage. It can be used as a holder for plastic wrap bags, disposable food cover cases, or groceries container boxes. Plus, installation is easy and hassle-free thanks to its punching-free design and self-adhesive back. To mount it on the wall, just peel off the film of the back adhesive strip and press firmly. It’s also water-proof and dust-proof so it’s perfect for storing perishable items like food in the kitchen. Don't let cluttered counters discourage you as our Wall Mounted Plastic Wrap Bag Holder is sure to keep your space neat while optimizing storage capacity at home!




Product Description:
Name: Storage box
Material: Plastic
Color: White, Green, Yellow
Size: 20 * 20 * 8.5 cm


Packing included:
Storage box * 1

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