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Reusable Bottle Lid Cover

Reusable Bottle Lid Cover

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Get quickly and easily connected to your favorite beverages with the 5pcs Reusable Bottle Lid Cover. Perfect for home bars, restaurants or for any occasion, these lids are easy to use and cap off of any beverage can with a pull of the tab. These lids snap on securely so you can take all of the hassle out of enjoying your beverages; simply turn it to open and drink then turn it again shut it off. The 5pcs Reusable Bottle Lid Covers are designed for maximum appeal in both practicality and style, guaranteeing quick access and an efficient design that fits seamlessly onto any size can top. With an aesthetic touch that goes well in any home bar space or even when traveling, you’ll be sure to enjoy the convenience and beauty of these lid covers at all times!

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