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Rechargeable Car Snow Defroster

Rechargeable Car Snow Defroster

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Introducing the Car Electric Snow Wiper Remover Defroster, a convenient and efficient tool designed to make snow and ice removal from your vehicle a breeze. This USB rechargeable device offers premium quality and exceptional performance, ensuring a clean and clear windshield during winter months. With its electric power, this snow wiper remover quickly and effectively eliminates snow, ice, and frost from your car's windshield. It saves you time and effort compared to traditional manual scraping methods, allowing you to get on the road faster.




Material: ABS
Name: Electric Snow Scraper
Built-in lithium battery 2500mAh
Size: 13.3x11x12.4cm/5.24x4.33x4.88inch


Package Includes:
1 Piece Electric Snow Scraper
1 Piece USB Charging Cable

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