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Natural Artificial Boxwood Hedge 40"L x 80"H UV Resistant

Natural Artificial Boxwood Hedge 40"L x 80"H UV Resistant

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Our artificial boxwood hedge walls are ideal for busy people looking for high-quality yet affordable faux greenery. It's made with durable materials and treated with UV protection to ensure that your manicured evergreen shrub stays amazing for a long, long time.

Artificial boxwood hedges that are easy to install

Our hedge walls are lightweight and very easy to move around. You can set them up anywhere, even outdoors. For our 40" x 80" model, we recommend asking a friend for help to get around tight spaces more easily.

Here are a few ideas on where to put your fake boxwood hedges:

  • As a divider for indoor spaces, like between your kitchen and dining area
  • Balconies and patios for additional privacy
  • Swimming pools
  • Gardens, backyards, and gazebos
  • Offices
  • Reception areas and waiting rooms
  • Cafes, salons, and restaurants
  • Yoga centers and gyms
  • Spas and therapy clinics
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