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Magic Plant Light

Magic Plant Light

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Create the perfect, custom atmosphere in your home with Magic Plant Light. Our stylish and innovative LED lights are designed to provide a unique look for any room. With an easy-to-use programmable night light feature and USB changeable color settings, you’ll be able to customize the light of each lamp to fit any space, any time. Place our fashionable plant shape lamps around your house to bring bright, engaging lighting into every room. Beyond just providing functional illumination, these lights can also act as a conversation starter or even as an ambient atmosphere creator while setting the tone for whatever event or mood you wish to create. Keep your décor details up to date with Magic Plant Light; luminosity that always fits seamlessly into any environment.




Name: Magic Plant Light
Material: Plastic
Type: 100LED programmable
Light color: Colored light
Power supply: USB plug-in
Color: Green


Packing included:
1 * set of Magic Plant Light (Without basin)
(Four-rooted tree branch with 20 leaves)

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