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Homemade Manual Butter Maker

Homemade Manual Butter Maker

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Introducing our Homemade Manual Butter Maker – the perfect kitchen tool for creating delicious, homemade butter with ease. This manual butter maker features a glass and silicone design, making the process both efficient and visually appealing. Available in 1000ml and 1500ml sizes, it's a versatile stirring tool that lets you control the butter-making process to your preference. Elevate your culinary adventures with this innovative kitchen gadget, allowing you to craft fresh, creamy butter right in the comfort of your home. Discover the joy of homemade goodness with our Homemade Butter Churner – a must-have addition to your kitchen essentials.




Material: Glass, Silicone
Color: White
Size: 24 x 11 cm, 28 x 18 cm
Weight: 800 g, 1000 g
Capacity: 1000 ml, 1500 ml


Package Include:
1× Butter Churn

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