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Electric Heating Belt

Electric Heating Belt

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If you're looking for a heating belt that will give you a massage and help to keep your abdomen warm, this is the one for you! The electric heating belt has graphene heating, which means it heats up quickly – in just 5 seconds. It also has three-stage temperature control, so you can choose the level of heat that's right for you. The heating area is wide, covering the entire abdominal area, and the battery life is long-lasting, so you can use it anywhere, anytime. Plus, the no-disassembly design means it's easy to clean – just throw it in the washing machine! The soft, foldable design makes it easy to carry with you, so you can take it with you wherever you


Product Specifications:

Material: Lycra Fabric

Color: Pink, Gray

Voltage: 5V

Power: 6.5W

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