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Dragonfly Fish Bait

Dragonfly Fish Bait

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Looking for an edge on your next fishing trip? Check out our Dragonfly Fish Bait! This innovative bait features a lifelike big eye design, translucent mesh wings, and a big mouth arc design that make it more stable floating on the surface of the water. Plus, the internal body with movable steel ball creates a sound that greatly improves the fish luring effect! Whether you're trolling for trout or other fish, this artificial bait is sure to give you the results you're looking for. So don't go another trip without our Dragonfly Fish Bait - order today and be ready for your next big catch!


Size: 7.5cm 
Weight: About 6g 
Material: ABS profile 
Configuration: Removable steel beads 
Type: Surface 
1pcs Dragonfly 

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