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5 Essential Pastry Tools

5 Essential Pastry Tools

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Create stunning cake decorations with the help of this 5 Essential Pastry Tools set! Perfect for first-time bakers, it enables you to craft beautiful baked goods much easier than ever before. The set includes a five-layer lever cake slicer leveler that allows you to evenly cut through your cake with effortless precision while the adjustable cake spatula will even out the frostings and ganache for a smooth finish. Further decorate your lovely creations using the multi-purpose rose cutter or give it a touch of elegance with the dragee applicator that lets you add pearls quickly and easily. Finally, produce intricate designs on top of your cakes with the pastry nozzles set featuring various shapes and flower patterns. Let your artistic side show by personalizing each creation with this complete five-piece tool set!



Product Specifications:

Cake Slicer Levelers: 2 pcs

Adjustable Cake Scraper: 1 pc

Artistic Pastry Nozzles Set: 8 x Pastry Nozzles

Easy Rose Cutter: 3 pc (different sizes)

Dragee Applicator: 1 pc

Full set: all of the above

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