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3D Moon Projection Lamp

3D Moon Projection Lamp

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The 3D Moon Projection Lamp you've described seems like a versatile and charming lighting option with several features. Here's a summary of its specifications and uses:


Multifunctional Scene: This projection lamp serves multiple purposes. It can function as a night light, a decorative light for various occasions, and a background light for photography. It's particularly suitable for bedroom lighting and as a backdrop for photoshoots, catering to different atmospheres.

Perfect Gift: The moon ball light is versatile and makes for a perfect gift. It can be used for home decor, Valentine's Day decorations, wedding party favors, engagement party decor, anniversaries, romantic candlelight dinners, and any other romantic occasions. It adds a fairytale and cozy atmosphere to your home decor, making those moments memorable and unique.

High-Definition Crystal Lens: The lamp features a thickened crystal lens, which enhances light transmittance, widens the refractive index, extends the projection range, and creates a beautiful light effect. This makes it suitable for creating captivating visual displays.

Power Supply: The projector lamp is powered by a USB cable, making it durable and easy to use anywhere. With its portable size and lightweight design, it's convenient to carry. A small button allows you to project the moon onto the wall, making it a great addition to room decor for mood lighting, suitable for both adults and children.

Overall, the 3D Moon Projection Lamp seems like an excellent choice for creating a magical and romantic ambiance in various settings, from bedrooms to special occasions. Its versatility and the ability to project a realistic moon image make it a unique and thoughtful gift.




Color: Moon Light/Earth Light
Light Body Color: Black
Material: ABS
Power Supply Mode: Charging

Package Included:
1x Projector Lamp
1xUSB Cable
1x Slideshow
1x Viscose

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