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Shutter Selfie Release Button

Shutter Selfie Release Button

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Capture the perfect shot with our Shutter Selfie Release Button, your go-to camera control adapter remote. This small yet essential accessory allows you to take photos or selfies with precision and ease. No more fumbling with timers or asking someone else to snap your picture – simply click the button and get the shot you want. Elevate your photography game with this convenient and compact remote, your secret to stunning selfies and impeccable photos.




Product specifications:
Version: Versior.4.0
Frequency: 2.4Hz~2.4835GHz
The effective distance: 10m(30ft)
Battery model and service life: CR2032 x 1 cell /About12Month
The size of: 50mm X 33mm X 10.5mm
Weight: 42g Products17g Packaging25g
Product color: Black, Pink, White

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