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Heat Insulation Pan Pads

Heat Insulation Pan Pads

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Our Heat Insulation Pan Pads are the ideal choice for keeping your kitchen functional yet stylish! Crafted with premium-grade silicone, our mats are durable and strong enough to protect your tabletop from hot dishes and pans. Not only are these rainbow-shaped pads heat resistant, but they can also be used as coasters, pot holders, bowl cushions and more - creating an extremely versatile addition to any home. With a stackable storage design, these pads save time and space in the kitchen. Not to mention, their bright colors will bring some extra vibrancy to choose dining table and create a pleasant atmosphere! Upgrade your culinary activities with our Heat Insulation Pan Pads today!




Material: Silicone
Weight: 103g
Size: 15*15cm
Color: As shown

Package Includes:
Heat Insulation Pad *1

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